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PULL is much more than a simple association. It is an engaged community of global citizens, united by the belief that everyone deserves to have their voice heard, their privacy respected, and their digital rights protected. We believe in an Internet where freedom, kindness and solidarity reign supreme.

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Our engagements :

  • Digital Freedom: We fight so that every individual has the fundamental right to express themselves freely online, without fear of censorship or repression.

  • Online Kindness: We advocate respectful and inclusive behavior in our online interactions, creating an environment where everyone feels safe to express themselves and exchange ideas.

  • Collective Actions: Together, we organize actions and projects to raise awareness, educate and mobilize the community around the digital issues that are important to us.

A quick reminder of the Association's Goals:

  • Uniting the People: Our ultimate goal is to unite people around the world, as well as all independent associations, movements and individuals who share our vision of a more just and equitable world.

  • Create Nature Reserves: We work to preserve our planet by creating nature reserves and supporting the conservation of biodiversity.

  • Building Orphanages and Schools: We invest in the future by building orphanages and schools to give children the best chance of success.

  • Create Animal Shelters: We protect and care for animals by building shelters and shelters for those in need.

  • Protecting the Balance: We are committed to maintaining the ecological, social and economic balance of our planet, by promoting sustainable and equitable practices.

  • Guiding People to Their Healing: We offer support and resources to help individuals heal, develop and flourish on their life path.

five human hands on brown surface
five human hands on brown surface

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Dear Members and Partners of PULL,

You are on the official member and partner platform PULL - Pirates' Union of Light and Love, a space dedicated to uniting forces from around the world to promote light, love and freedom.

Here, everyone has their place, whatever their origins, beliefs or status. Together, we are a diverse and inclusive community, united by our commitment to shared values ​​and our desire to create a better world for all.

By joining forces and sharing our knowledge, we can truly make a difference in the digital world and beyond. Whether through articles, videos, photos or discussions, every contribution counts and brings us a little closer to our common goal.

So, join us in this exciting adventure of creation, sharing and solidarity. Together we can bring light, love and freedom to every corner of the world.

Thank you for your commitment to PULL. Together we are stronger.

With love and solidarity,